"Above all, at mostly the extremes, people look for someone they trust"
-Shakespeare 13 A:B

do you have what it takes to build relationships? can you find us people who need solutions?

about CLP Programme

CLP stands for Client Lance Programme. It is a kind of client-reference programme in which people can share someone they may know in their circles who would or may require our services. It is completely guarded by Escrow ensuring that the trust created vocally is actuated by paper & purpose.

Preferably, allbusinessone invites individuals and firms on a quarter to quarter basis for a 2-hour workshop programme which guides the attendees with all set's of benefits and principles that are laid down by us. Although, allbusinessone highly appreciates and commends motivated and enthusiastic lead-bearers to share potential leads and requirements.

You get paid a certain percentage ( 2X %, 3X %, 4X % , maybe more) of the gross project value (GPV) that you may consider unreal as well once we share it at your disposal. As mentioned, Escrow is a service that guarantees the client your bring to us that we actually build them a solution or share our expertise in whatsoever manner deemed desirable or necessary. Overall project is divided in to core modules or milestones ( In Technical Terminologies ). Gradually & Steadily, the client releases payment to Escrow. Escrow checks whether we've done our job properly and then after trifold confirmation with the client, releases the payment onto us, which is liable to be disputable in future and refunded at part or whole if any case be that we've failed to keep our commitments wholly. 

It is expected that an individual can get max 2 clients a year and an agency/firm, 3 (per year). However, this is more like a minimum number. Once you get enticed into the CLP, you are given a personalized dashboard to track each and every project as well as its cash-flows as it pushes through, with discretion given to the project confidentialities, mostly data. In case, there is a cluster of scope that is free for exercise, you are notified through your dashboard and you can then bring about up to 9 clients per party (individual/firm), per year.

You are convoluted with a cohesive contract that binds us to pay you as per the flow of the project across its tenure. This contract is available as a digital signed document attested to your dashboard in "My Projects" section as well as you are mailed a hard-copy of the contract with our signatures & impressions to grant you power to solicit.

You can bring us anyone who looks forward to build software(web/app/desk), seek strategic advice, require digital transformation. It must be a project that can be taken on hitherto for which and on which our team can help the associated client. Learn more by visiting the "how it works" page.

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